Terms & Conditions

— Terms Of Service —


Godspunky Server is India’s Biggest Minecraft server, it follows some rules that you should also follow, these terms apply to everything related to Godspunky.

— Store Licence —

We have the license to run the store certified by the Government of India. You can see it by clicking on the link given below

Click Here


We allow you to purchase our items for only fair use. You can By anything but (Remember Your legal Age must be 18 Years) if you are under 18 consult with your parents. If you don’t follow this then it is not our Responsibility.


All products are applicable for cancellation and 100% refund up to 48 hours after purchase from our website or our discord server, Refunds will be processed to the payment source from which the service was purchased. Keep On mind That only  (Ranks are Refundable) Cancellation after 48 hours is based on the use of our services and a refund will be processed to the payment source with the amount remaining.


All our services are applicable for return within 48 hours of placing the order. The money debited from your account will be credited back to the payment source within 7 business days. Anything after 48 hours will be returned on approval of Team GodSpunky Network


When interacting with users or staff in our community, you must remember that everybody else is just another person. If you are spamming, being rude or a general nuisance, we reserve the right to mute or remove your account from our communication channels.

Any threats of harm or intolerance will not be tolerated, and the user will not receive any warning.


All things you are purchasing from our store are genuine. As you know GodSpunky Network Is the Top Minecraft Network in India. We are a well-reputed Minecraft server, If someone makes a false allegation against us, We will take legal action to defend it!

Anything which damages our servers or affects us or other users on the Server like –
Bot Attacks, etc
We will take legal action against them!



You also agree to our privacy policy listed on our website and you can Find it here.
Store License