Godspunky is an authorized Minecraft network by the Government of India, licensed by the Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises  ( MSME), and registered. If someone defames our Minecraft network then we have the right to take legal action against him.


— Certificate —




  • Name Of Entrepreneur – Mr. Harshit Nema
  • Udhyam Registration Number – UDYAM-MP- XX- XXXXX ( This is Personal Information, only available for Authorities )
  • Name Of Enterprise/Company – GodSpunky Technologies 
  • Classification Year – 2023 – 2024
  • Enterprise Type – Micro 
  • Classification Date – 23/06/2023 
  • Major Activities – TRADING [For availing benefits of Priority Sector Lending(PSL) ONLY]
  • Social Catagory – General 
  • Name Of Unit – GodSpunky Network 
  • Date Of Commencement – 16/08/2022  


Note – Keep in mind that these certificates are obtained from the Government of India and contain a lot of personal information. Because of this we cannot show all the things openly, if needed these things will be shown to the Government of India.